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Moevao Headed Towards Surgery, Per Tribune

Kerry Eggers of the Portland Tribune reports this morning that Oregon State quarterback Lyle Moevao is headed for shoulder surgery:

It appears as if Oregon State quarterback Lyle Moevao will undergo surgery on his right (throwing) shoulder this week.

"It's heading that way," OSU offensive coordinator Danny Langsdorf said Sunday. "Lyle is going to have another meeting with the (medical) specialist, but (surgery) is the likely scenario."

Langsdorf also told Eggers that this is similar to what Sean Canfield went through, but he doesn't think it's as bad: "It's ironic, but I don't think Lyle has nearly the same issue as Sean did," Langsdorf said. "But we won't know how bad it is until they go in there" and operate.

Read the full text of the article here.

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