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Beavers vs. Volunteers Game Two

Game 3 Update:  Game cancelled due to " Winter weather conditions" (UT site announcement) and more information from the OSU baseball page here.



Same two teams but different outcome (and very different ninth inning!).  Beavers score 8 runs in the ninth to put away Tennessee 14 to 4.

This was the slightly overlooked game of day with the big basketball game against Cal, and I'm sure many of you (if not every Beavers fan) is still in awe at the basketball team's amazing second half and come from behind victory over a very good Cal team.  But also impressive was this win for the baseball team today.  On the road all the way across the country, and after a tough ninth inning loss yesterday, this win looked in many ways what I thought Friday's game should have looked like at the end. 

Defense was little ragged here and there with two errors, but from being down 3 to 0 after the fourth inning the Beavers held Tennessee to only one more run and outscored UT 14 to 1 after the fourth.  Jorge Reyes came in and was the winning pitcher (I did not see the start of this game and not sure how Waldron did overall, but seemed like a solid five innings).  Reyes pitched very well and only gave up one ER with a HR, and Starr looked awesome closing out the ninth inning.

On offense the Beavs looked a bit flat until Romero's fifth inning HR, and is this kid looking good or what on offense?  Or as Pat Casey summed it up as: "This was a very good offensive day.  The runs came late, but they came, and supported good outings from Tyler and Jorge" (as quoted from the OSU athletics page and can be accessed here).

Also of note Ortiz had a better game going 3 for 6 with 2 RBIs.  Wong again looked solid at the plate, and indeed the offense really did take apart the Tennessee pitchers after we figured out their starter Morgado.  The Volunteers went through eight different pitchers and had a horrible ninth inning with hit batters, walks, and even a catcher interference call, then throw in some timely hits and it was lights out (reverse pun intended!) for the Beavs.  And props goes to Wallace for a really well placed ground out in the sixth inning to advance the runners and setting up a two run double by Romero; and later Casey and Tommasini both had nicely timed singles to score runs in the eighth that I thought really opened it up for the Beavs.

I'm sure I left people out to give props to, so please feel free to add in your thoughts!

Stats are following the break.


Below are the stats and box score from the game. Enough of trying to format these puppies, this time around I'm screenshooting them!  (Full stats and play by play can be accessed here)



Tomorrow’s first pitch is scheduled at 9AM PST (!) and again will be available online with the GameTracker (access here) and on BSN and Yahoo radio, and again I’m hoping the livecam will be available for free access (streaming link can be found here).  The stream is not bad and even a pretty decent play-by-play announcer.

I'm looking forward to it with Peavey on the mound for his first start.  Very good chance for a opening weekend sweep, so get your coffee made and kick back to enjoy some baseball!