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Huskies Pull Away in Second Half, Bury Beavs

It was a great three-quarters of the game for Oregon State, who looked like they had a chance to knock off one of the best teams in the conference on Thursday Night at Bank of America Arena in Seattle, Washington.

The Beavers, who trailed by one point at halftime, were outscored 43-25 in the second half. 

Calvin Haynes led the Beavers with 15 points off the bench. Seth Tarver, who also didn't start, scored 14 points and was a force to be reckoned with on defense in the early parts of the game. He was a big reason why the Beavers were able to keep the Huskies off balance for the first 15 minutes of the game. 

Criag Robinson went with somewhat of an unorthadox starting lineup against the Huskies: Josh Tarver, Omari Johnson, Joey McConnell, Roeland Schaftenaar, and Daniel Deane. Not sure if Coach Rob. was trying to send a message to guys like Seth Tarver and Calvin Haynes, but it seemed like an interesting move to start the game out with Haynes, Tarver, and Claitt all on the bench. They all came in to play starters minutes, however. 

The Huskies, who take over first place in the Pac-10 conference with the win, were led by Justin Dentmon, who scored 28 points. He scored 16 of those points in the first half, which seemed like a lot, until the Huskies put their foot to the accelerator late in the game. The Huskies shot 64 percent from the field in the second half, while the Beavers shot just under 30 percent in the second half.

Oregon State improved it's rebounding from the first time the two teams met, as they actually out-rebounded the Huskies in the game. The Beavers collected just one rebounded more than the Huskies (33-32), but it still counts. Back on January 17, the Huskies out-rebounded the Beavers 46-19.