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BtD's Top Five Super Bowl XLIII Commercials

What is the Super Bowl without the commercials? Game recaps and commentary are everywhere on the internet right now, but here are my top five commercials from this afternoon's Super Bowl.

#5: Pedigree: Crazy Pets

Coming in at #5 on the list is first-year advertiser Pedigree, who wants us to help them help dogs. 

#4: Career Builder - Tips

This minute-long commercial provided plenty of opportunities for laughter, as it kept getting funnier. Reminded me of the 12 Days of Christmas... I was waiting for "And a partridge in a pear tree...".

My top three-- bronze, silver, and gold-- can be found after the break.

#3: Doritos: The Power of Crunch

They say that sex sells, and this commercial used that fact to it's advantage, without crossing the line (GoDaddy, anyone?).

#2: Doritos- Crystal Ball

Year after year, Doritos comes through with the hilarious ameteur commercials. They had another good year, as they got two commercials in my top three. 

#1: Bud Light- Meeting

This was the first commercial of the game that made me laugh, and it turned out to be my favorite, hands down. So simple, but yet so funny.