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BTD College Basketball Pick'Em Standings: Week 4

A fairly normal week in the College Basketball Pick'Em wrapped up today with Kansas defeating UCLA, 77-59. The week began with North Carolina defeating Michigan State 89-82. Following that, Kansas demolished Alcorn State, and Texas defeated USC. On Saturday, the Kentucky Wildcats defeated North Carolina 68-66.

So far, I am in the lead by 5 points against the next highest participant. But because I can't win the prize, C_hawkfan has the lead. 

So without further to do, here are your Week 4 standings:

Place        Name                       Total Score

1st            ConnorOSU             58 Points
2nd           C_hawkfan               53 Points
3rd            The VD Special        51 Points
4th            Jimmy James          49 Points
5th            Figgi4life                 45 Points
6th            sdfan21                   31 Points
7th            cmr                         30 Points
8th            Jake Bertalotto         27 Points
9th            Tortuga12                24 Points
10th         cloudydays               22 Points