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Ladies and Gentlemen: The Building the Dam Bowl

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Because I really don't want to study for Finals and the hype of Selection Sunday has gotten to me, I decided to make my own Bowl Game. I mean if Little Caesars can have it's own Bowl Game, then so can Building the Dam.

So now with that out of the way, I've decided to challenge the Macho Rhino Bowl and invite Notre Dame and UCLA. What is the Macho Rhino Bowl you ask? Well you can read about it right here:

The invitation is open until 12:00 PM Pacific Time on Monday, December 7th. Hopefully they’ll accept and we’ll have a great inaugural Building the Dam Bowl brought to you by

First let me give you details on the Building the Dam Bowl. I’m proposing it be played December 25, 2009 at PGE Park in Portland, Oregon with a 4:30 PM Pacific kickoff. Christmas Day will be great for this game to get recognition, as it will be the only College Football game that day. The time is great as well because it leads into the Trail Blazers game that night across the city.

Why both teams should accept this invitation:

-I know Notre Dame has already declined a Bowl Invitation, but that was before the Building the Dam Bowl existed.

-A performance based payout. In these tough economic times, don’t pass up a chance at earning more money. The winner of this game will take home 45% of the revenue generated from ticket sales, merchandise and broadcasting. The loser will get 30%. With your tremendous fan bases, this could be one of the better non-BCS payouts this year.

-It’ll be nationally televised. Since Notre Dame is involved, NBC and ESPN will simulcast the game. ESPN's coverage will lead right into the Trail Blazers game that night, and NBC's coverage will lead into the Charlie Brown Christmas Special.

-In this age of the internet and blogging, recruits will love to play for the teams that participated in the first ever Blog Sponsered Bowl Game.

-You will make history as the first two teams to compete in this bowl game.

-It will be the final Football game at PGE Park before the stadium becomes a Soccer Field.

-Most importantly, you can end the season a winner. The victorious team leaves 7-6 and has a good feeling about the year.

Here’s a tenative itinerary for Building the Dam Bowl Week:

December 20
– We invite both teams to fly into the best airport in the nation (PDX) to start the festivities. We’ll host a dinner for both teams before allowing teams to enjoy the nightlife of Portland.

December 21
- Teams will practice in the day time, followed by a dinner with Building the Dam writers Jake Bertalotto, The VD Special, Andy Panda, RVM, and ConnorOSU. They will learn how to run a blog and create fake Bowl Games. The highlight of the night will include a guest appearence by Noghri_ViR. He will inform everyone on how to score interviews with hot ESPN employes. It will be a very educational evening.

December 22
- Building the Dam Party –The highlight of bowl week as we let both teams cut loose at our own party. Teams will have an awesome time partying and inter-mingling before the huge game.

December 23
– Teams will be bussed to the Oregon Coast for a day at the beach.

December 24
– Media Day- Teams will address the media before enjoying the rest of their Christmas Eve.

December 25
– GAMEDAY (Kickoff at 4:30 PM Pacific). After the game the teams will attend the 2nd Half of the Trail Blazers-Nuggets game in the Suite Level. A monster after-party following the game with hundreds of friends and fans to finish the holiday.

December 26
– We will host a "Thank You" Brunch for both teams before they head back home to thank them for a great week and spectacular bowl game.

You both have until Noon Pacific on Monday, December 7 to take advantage of this invitation. Do you want to risk what not playing in a bowl game will do for your program? Please e-mail your confirmation of participation in the Building the Dam Bowl to

I’m excited about trying to get this bowl started and think we’ll have a tremendous match-up with these two programs. We need your support so if you’re interested in helping or sponsoring the bowl contact us at and we’ll get back in contact with you shortly.

That’s all I have for now. I need to get to work contacting the local community for sponsors, television networks to broadcast the game, a multi-billion dollar company to present/bring/sponsor or however you’d like the headline to read to invest in this awesome opportunity, and of course get the people in charge of PGE Park to loan us the field for a day.

Special thanks to Macho Rhino over at the Bleacher Report for the idea. May the best bowl win.