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Bowl Bid Open Thread

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It's still unclear to me as to where the Beavers will go. What we know for sure: Oregon is in the Rose Bowl. Arizona is headed to the Holiday Bowl after their win over USC. But where will Stanford, Oregon State, and Cal go? The Beavers can't go to the Sun Bowl because of the no-repeat clause, so it'll likely be Stanford that goes there. That leaves Emerald, Vegas, and Poinsettia as possible bowls the Beavers could end up at. 

[UPDATE, 3:22 PM] Okay, so here's what we know for sure. 

Arizona is headed to the Holiday Bowl. 

Stanford is heading to the Sun Bowl to play Oklahoma.

USC will play Boston College in the Emerald Bowl.

Cal is headed to the Poinsettia Bowl

Which leaves Oregon State with the Vegas Maaco Bowl. So we're essentially waiting for the official announcement. It looks like BYU will be the opponent. 

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