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Game 6 Recap: Oregon State 74, Colorado 69

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Coming in, the Beavers knew Colorado would be a great outside shooting team and that contesting shots would be key. Having played Sacramento State two weeks ago, a team that just made it rain from the outside in the first half, perphaps the Beavers knew what to do. Oregon State held CU to just 23.5% from three-- a mark well below their season average. 

It was a close game throughout, but Oregon State trailed for much of the first half and beginning of the second. They never gave up though, and continued to fight and make plays on both sides of the ball to keep it close. 

Rebounding plagued the Beavers, especially on the defensive side. They gave up 15 offensive board to the Buffaloes, allowing CU to get 23 second chance points. Several players had lapses on the boards- you could tell from the FSN telecast that Coach Robinson was very upset with Angus Brandt at times, but Joe Burton had some hiccups in the low box as well. 

Ultimately, this game we decided at the foul line. Oregon State was 9-of-16 in the first half, but made up for it and really won to the game due to their 17-for-18 mark (95%) in the second half. Schaftenaar was 8-for-8 on the game, Cunningham was 7-of-7.... Haynes, Cunningham, Schaftenaar, and Seth Tarver all hit a pair of foul shots down the stretch to seal the game. 

Individual player notes: 

  • Calvin Haynes: Very glad that Calvin found his touch last night. Nineteen points, 6-of-9 shooting... that's the old Calvin we've been looking for this pre-season. You could tell that he had his confidence, as he was talking some off balance and contested shots, and sinking them. He also hit the big go-ahead basket with just over a minute to go. 
  • Seth Tarver: His offensive game continues to improve. 14 points, 6-of-10 from the field in 32 minutes... that's the kind of performance we need from Seth all year. 
  • Joe Burton/ Jared Cunningham: These two are very exciting to watch, and have asserted themselves in the upper eschelon of players on this team. You can see that CR is confident in them-- as they've started the last two (maybe three?) games, and are playing heavy minutes. They're both athletic in different ways-- Cunningham has the quicks to separate from defenders on the fast break, and Burton moves very well for a 295-pound big man. 13 points for Cunningham, 8 for Burton. 
  • Angus Brandt: I'll hit on the other freshman while we're on the subject... the guy has some potential, but he really struggled rebounding against Colorado. Sometimes it looks like he's just outworked in the paint, but there was one time on a free-throws where he flat out didn't make much of an effort on his defender. I'm guessing that those are the things that CR is upset about the most. 
  • Roeland Schaftenaar: I'm not sure that anyone knows the full story on Roeland except for the coaching staff, but it doesn't look like he is being utilized in the same way he was last season. Not sure if he's in a slump and the coaches just don't want to put him at the top of the key, or they actually want to see him down in the low block more. He only made one field goal, but the biggest stat in his line is the 8-of-8 free throw shooting. That was huge for the team down the stretch, as the Beavers made 17-of-18 in the second half.