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GAMETHREAD: 113th Civil War - Second Half

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It's always good to be up on the scoreboard at halftime, but I doubt the Beavers are satisfied with settling for three field goals in the opening half. That being said, the Ducks are coughing up the ball left and right and giving OSU a lot of chances. 

Both running backs have had troubles getting anything rolling against the respective defenses... but Sean Canfield is lighting it up through the air. Sean is 16 of 21 for 208 yards and a touchdown... Quizz has 20 yards on nine carries. Will #1 have a break out second half? Stay tuned to my updates which will appear below, as well as the comment thread. 

Halftime Score: Oregon State 23, Oregon 21

Start 3rd Quarter: Oregon State will start with the ball...

10:51, 3rd Quarter... Canfield hooks up with Casey Kjos for his first touchdown of the season, and Oregon State did exactly what they needed to do: score on the opening possession of the second half. Jacquizz Rodgers had a great run in which he rumbled for about 14 yards with five Ducks on his back... Oregon State 30, Oregon 21. 

5:45. 3rd Quarter... bad chain of events for the Beavers... Tim Clark leaves with what looks like a serious leg injury, then Legaratte Blount re-enters the game and is the hero as the Ducks punch it in... Oregon State 30, Oregon 28. 

2:28, 3rd Quarter... Justin Kahut hits his fourth field goal of the game, and the Beavers have a six point cushion. The penalties... they're not stopping,... Oregon State 33, Oregon 28. 

1:20, 3rd Quarter... LaMike joins the fun for Oregon with a long touchdown run... but the UO two point conversion fails. Oregon 34, Oregon State 33. 

End 3rd Quarter... Oregon's defensive pressure starting to get to Canfield and the OSU offense... Beavers go three and out... Oregon will have the ball to start the fourth quarter, leading by a point. 

10:13, 4th Quarter... Nice stop by the OSU defense as Oregon is limited to a field goal in the red zone... it's now a four point deficit instead of eight... Oregon 37, Oregon State 34. Let's punch it in!

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