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GAMETHREAD: 113th Civil War - First Half

It's the biggest Civil War since... the real one... as Oregon State and Oregon are dueling for a birth to the Granddaddy of them all. 

14:00 First Quarter... We're one minute into the game, and Oregon State is already off to a great start. Suaesi Tuimaunei had great coverage on the opening kickoff, and Jeremiah Masoli was intercepted by James Dockery several plays later. Already, the Beavs are knocking on the door...

11:21 1st Quarter... Oregon State goes for it on fourth and goal at the one... AND IT WORKS.... TOUCHDOWN QUIZZ... 7-0 Beavers, 11:21 1st Quarter. 

8:14, 1st Quarter... The offensive fireworks have begun... Ducks score quickly.... it's obvious that the OSU defense has their work cut out. Beavers 7, Ducks 7-- 8:14 1st Q. 

5:09, 1st Quarter... Sean Canfield gets a chance to show off the arm... but the Beavers can't punch it in. Justin Kahut tucks a 40-yd field goal inside the left upright, and the Beavers lead 10-7. 

3:46, 1st Quarter... James Dockery... the guy who has the pick for OSU... gets burned by Jeff Maehl... 73-yards later, Oregon leads 14-10. 

2:00, 1st Quarter... OSU's ensuing drive stalls, the Beavs pick up a couple penalties, and Johnny Hekker shanks a 15-yard punt. UO now takes over inside their own 40. Let's go defense!

End 1st Quarter... OSU's defense finally steps up in the wake of several dumb plays... penalties and the botched punt, specifically. The Ducks have 4th + 20 to begin the second quarter. OSU now takes over at the 17-yardline.

12:08, 2nd Quarter... OSU and Johnny Hekker punt it back to UO, and Jeremiah Masoli goes back to work. Is another OSU stop in the works? 

11:25, 2nd Quarter... UO goes three and out, punts it back to the Beavers... it's still Oregon 14, Oregon State 10. 

7:20, 2nd Quarter... Penalties continue to haunt Oregon State... but are they all good calls?? Riley mounths "What the heck?" on the sideline after an illegal chop-block call... Beavers settle for another field goal: Oregon 14, Oregon State 13.

7:06, 2nd Quarter... Kenjon Barner takes a kick back 95-yards for a touchdown, but the Ducks get TWO flags on the play... talk about penalties playing a big roll in the game. 

6:39, 2nd Quarter... Speed kills on the defensive line... Matt Lagrone flys by the crawling UO offensive line to recover a fumble and set up the Beavers inside the red zone...

4:46, 2nd Quarter... Beavers can't cash in, what's new? Justin Kahut field goal puts the Beavers back on top... Oregon State 16, Oregon 14. 

1:19, 2nd Quarter... The Oregon offense punches it in again... Masoli nearly fumbles at the ten, but it's Oregon 21, Oregon State 16 with just over a minute to go in the half. 

0:13, 2nd Quarter... Sean Canfield engineers a brilliant drive that featured some incredible plays... barring a letdown on the kickoff, the Beavers will go into the locker room with the lead... Oregon State 23, Oregon 21. 

At the half, it's Oregon State 23, Oregon 21. 

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