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Gameday Open Thread: Beavers vs. Ducks - Pregame

Oregon State at Oregon - 6pm, Autzen Stadium - TV on ESPN

Here's the place to discuss tonight's contest as kickoff approaches. If you're like me, these last few hours are going to be excruciating. Here's the place to chat with fellow fans to help pass the time. 

Just as a heads up, I'll be monitoring the site throughout the game and I'll be present in the comment thread as well. I know many of the regulars here have tickets to the game-- but some do not. We welcome all BtD members to join in the conversation in the comment threads that will be posted tonight, and welcome newcomers as well. I will lift the probation period shortly before kickoff if first-time visitors would like to comment, but I will have a short leash for inappropriate behavior in the thread and reserve the right to re-instate the probation period. 

Be respectful, have fun, and enjoy the game. It's almost here. 

--Jake | ( | Twitter