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My Kingdom for an Offense? Subtitle: You kidding me? Beavs fall to the Cougars.

Okay, that was horrible.  I want to get my thoughts out there now and be done with it for that game pretty much put a damper on the whole, very solid, season really.  It's just a bowl game and yes I'm still proud of the team for the season they put in again this year, but will say that was just a plain lackluster effort and I'm not sure where it all came from.

Thoughts continuing after the jump...

Wind?  Yes, sure but at the same time BYU handled it fine and if we could have got a running game going it would have not been a problem.

BYU?  Okay, Cougar fans don't jump all over me for this is our house and I'm trying to parse out what happened to the Beavs tonight.  But BYU did not do anything all that special.  Yes, they ended up kicking our ass, and yes I owe some BYU fan a beer, but at the same time I swear if the Beavs just didn't beat themselves by looking flat as hell.  What was up with Sean, and especially James, tonight?  But in the end they played better than us and the score reflected that.  I'm not trying to take anything away from BYU, just thought the Beavs were a better team than we saw tonight.

Play calling?  I don't know why we didn't establish the run more with BYU on their heels and I don't know why we didn't go to the air when down big time and trying to have any chance at any type of run.  Those run calls were strange down near the BYU goal line in the third quarter, once sure for let's see if we can get them off guard but twice in a row?

Let down game?  I don't know, it kind-of seemed like it, but also it just kind-of seemed like they were distracted and expected it to work out.  I don't know.  The defense played okay really, it was the offense and I am shocked that the offense just really didn't do a thing, even going withthe wind.

In the end I really don't know what I watched tonight.  I'm a bit shocked at this type of bowl performance out of a Riley team, they didn't look at all ready and seemed to get complacent after that first TD, then throw in the bizarre Quizz fumble for a BYU TD, and they just took it to us tonight.  It was one of the not worse worse performances I can remember.  Penn State and Oregon, of recent seasons, just plain took it to the Beavs, but this looked like the Beavs went into la-la land and never woke up.  Not a good way for Canfield to go out.  But I guess a weird silver lining is we got to see a bit of Katz, and yes I know it was in the waning moments of the game and all but I liked what I saw.  This kid has an arm, can run, and seems to have some fire.

So yes hats off to the BYU seniors (lots of them on the starting team I noticed) for a solid and well played performance, you all came to play.  But got to keep a little classy, not sure what all that was about in the fourth, especially after that head shot on Wheaton. Call me a poor loser, but I would have liked losing to you all a bit better (especially with the OSU alum at the helm) if it wasn't for some of the chippy and whiny stuff (yes I agree with you cloudydays).  I'm sure there was some jawing on the field by the Beavs, but geez the OSU program gave you all a good deal of respect coming in.

Bigger hats off to the OSU seniors, you all gave us a series of great seasons and even with this loss you have helped make OSU a contender program for what I think will be years to come.

Really good season, horrible ending.  But not going to dwell on it, I have a Beaver basketball game to attend tomorrow evening and I need to get my orange and black all on once again.  Go Beavs!