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MAACO Bowl First Half Open Thead: OSU vs. BYU

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NO. 18 OREGON STATE vs. NO. 14 BYU - 5pm. Sam Boyd Stadium - TV on ESPN

Here's the place to talk about the first half of what should be one of the better bowl games we'll see for at least a week or so.

If you're a fan of another team visiting here because, well, you have nothing better to do on a Tuesday night but watch and talk about football, welcome!

Keep your eye out for game updates here.

UPDATE, 8:46 1st Quarter: It's clear that the weather (the wind) is going to play a big role in this game. BYU's offense goes three and out twice, and Oregon State takes over with great field position. Quizz picks up a hefty chunk, and a James fly sweep put the Beavers inside the five. Canfield burrows in behind his offensive line, which is dominating the trenches, and the Beavers lead 7-0.

UPDATE, 2:47 1st Quarter: A long BYU drive wipes away most of the first quarter and ties up the game. In other news, it's so windy that the kicking net blew through the goal posts and got caught, providing a few minutes of entertainment as the officials tried to free the net. BYU 7. OSU 7.

UPDATE, 1:41 1st Quarter: Jaquizz Rodgers fumbles for the first time on his Oregon State career on a dropped lateral, and Matt Bauman scoops and scores for six. BYU 14, OSU 7.


UPDATE, 9:21 2nd Quarter: Mitch Payne 28 yard field goal is good, and it's BYU 17. OSU 7

UPDATE. 6:22 2nd Quarter: Max Hall pass complete to Luke Ashworth for 25 yards, and it's BYU 23, OSU 7 after the PAT is blocked.

HALFTIME... BYU 23, Oregon State 7. New thread in a few minutes.


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