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BTD College Basketball Pick'Em: Week 7 Picks

Here we are in Week 7 of College Basketball. The slate features a few good games, but there are also a couple easy wins on the board because of Christmas.

You've got about 6 hours to make your first pick. I wanted to get it up there because it is one of the few TV games during the week, and Kentucky is going for their 2,000 win of all-time. So, here are your Week 7 Picks. All times are Pacific.

Drexel @ Kentucky, Monday, 4:00 PM

Michigan State @ Texas, Tuesday, 4:00 PM

California @ Kansas, Tuesday, 6:00 PM

Long Beach State @ Kentucky, Wednesday, 10:00 AM

Mississippi @ West Virginia, Wednesday, 4:30 PM

Since Kentucky is up there twice, please refer to them in the comments section as "Kentucky-Monday" or "Kentucky-Wednesday."

Don't forget that even if you miss some games, you can still make your picks. Just the games that have been played before won't count.

Remember to rank your picks on a confidence scale of one to five, with five being the most confident and one being the least. Also, if you miss the first game, then the scale is four to one and so on. Let me know if that doesn't make sense.

I'll have the standings up on either Wednesday or Thursday.

Happy Picking!