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Weekend Recovery Links

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God I wish I had this week off. Why don't I think ahead and schedule vacation days? Here's what I could find for today...



  • ESPN predicts the Las Vegas bowl. I don't want to give anything away, but most BtD readers will like the prediction. Hint-hint. Nudge-nudge. Still can't believe I get to watch that game tomorrow. I guess there are some things to smile about today.
  • Cliff K. covers the final practice of the year. Sounds like it was a good showing and, more importantly, injury free.
  • Nick Daschel over at Buster Sports likes this bowl match up for OSU.
  • 20081231__0101-c1-gamer_400_medium

    So. Let's forget that Sun Bowl, OK?



    Future Beaver Sean Mannion


    • Ryan Katz wants Canfield's job and sees the TCU game as a great opportunity. I'm personally pulling for Katz next year, which of course means Peter Lalich will end up starting.
    • John Canzano gets a lot of crap in this market for his coverage of the Ducks (too critical), his coverage of the Blazers (too harsh and inflammatory) and the Beavers (too little). His column on the incarcerated James Rodgers Sr. was a great read and a reason to not only get off Canzano's back but to respect the efforts of Jacquizz, James and all of their family who helped get them to where they are today. This story is common, but the outcome is not. Proud to have the Rodgers brothers on campus in Corvallis.



    As always, add new links in the comment section and GO BEAVERS!