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Thursday Morning Dump (of Links, that is)

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You want to know what sucks? If you answered CBS' The Big Bang Theory (awful show-what a waste of hot chicks), you are technically right, but I'm talking what sucks in regards to the last 24 hours of Beaver athletics.


I liked it better when that one dude was on Roseanne and the other two dudes were doing whatever they were doing before this awful, awful show was on TV. Is that a USC Cowboy outfit?


  • Here's what sucks: OSU loses to Illinois-Chicago and Robo Cop Kreps (who, by the way, tied his career high point total with 19--awesome name, awesome on court production--including the game winner). Unbelievable. I think ConnorOSU most accurately summarized my feelings during his post game F-bomb laced tirade. This team has a short amount of time to get its collective crap together. Here's a local, Chicago take on the game.
  • And much like their basketball counterparts, OSU football players were also engaged in charitable activities this week. In all seriousness, this is just what you want to see kids representing your program doing all year long. Go Beavs!
  • So here's some good news: Soph. righty Sam Gaviglio is named to a preseason All America team. This hoops team almost has me looking on to baseball season early but I'm trying to remain patient.
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    Add what I missed in the comments below and pray that this hoops team figures it out before PAC 10 play. GO BEAVERS!