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Return of the Links

Even though my post-Civil War hangover has long since passed, I've been busy as hell with end of semester grad school crap and an increased workload at the office. Oh yeah, and the holidays. The stupid, stupid holidays. Shopping and partying with people I work with are two of the lamest activities ever. I'm pretty sure Jesus would puke if he knew that I celebrated his birthday by going broke buying crap for family and friends and snacking on bad baked goods with people I don't really like...

Anyway, the Vegas Bowl looks like a good match, so at least I can look forward to that, right? The last time we were there went pretty well...


BYU... you're sending me mixed messages here.


The 6-3 Nelson – who turned down offers from UCLA, Southern Cal, Florida, Ohio State and Tennessee to sign with the Beavers – has been a part-time student at OSU this fall while waiting word from the Clearinghouse. OSU officials are putting together a last-ditch waiver to see if the courses can be deemed creditable, with hopes of hearing shortly after New Year’s at the latest.

This is bad, especially if we want to keep him here in Corvallis. If not cleared this season, Nelson is no longer bound to the college and is free to go elswhere to play his college ball. Here's hoping something can be pulled together in time for him to get into some games this year.

On that note, Riley said OSU was likely to be allowed one blowout night in LV, with a curfew of 1 or 2 a.m. "We'll let them stay out a little bit and explore,'' he said.

Here's hoping Richard "Big Pimpin'" Seigler leaves our current players alone before kickoff. They need their energy, Rich.

Anyway, that's all I have for today. If you see any news or any links worth sharing, post 'em below! GO BEAVERS!