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Friday News, Links and Other random crap...

  • This just in: having a cold sucks and isn't cool at all. Why couldn't this wait for Monday? I'm looking at a loss of quality drinking and sports viewing time here. Damn you cold season!!!!!
  • Kevin Riley told the SJ Mercury that he has some bad memories when it comes to the Beavers. I think that's kind of harsh. Well, then again, he could be talking about this:

Oregon State Beavers vs. California 2007 end of game (via SeattleBeaver)




  • Here's an update on what our football recruits are up to. I think this could be a sneaky good class.
  • New hoops commit here. Devon Collier from the Bronx. Not a lot out there on this kid, but if our coaches want him, he must be that good. This kid sounds right up Coach Robinson's alley.


Devon Collier. via

  • Who else is sick? Hooray tussin! (and cigars and gross sprite products)



OK, that's all I have energy to do. I'm going to drink some OJ and sip on some more sizurp. As a side note, I do NOT condone abusing cold medicine or ingesting it for recreational purposes... but THESE guys do. Leave any homemade cold remedies or advice on how I can kick this congested, achey cold by 5:01 PM today.