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2009 College Basketball Pick'Em

This year Building the Dam will be putting on a College Basketball Pick'Em contest. Of course, after you read that last sentence, you're wondering if there will be a prize. The answer to that is yes, although it has yet to be determined. So, without further to do, check out the rules and instructions after the break.


Picking Games: There will be five games to pick from each week. Besides predicting the winner of each game, you will also be rating each pick on a confidence scale of 1 to 5. 5 being the most confident and 1 being the least. Please enter your picks like this:

                                                          5-Team Name
                                                          4-Team Name
                                                          3-Team Name
                                                          2-Team Name
                                                          1-Team Name

Contest Duration: The contest will spand from November 9th to April 5th.

Games: For the games to pick, I will try to get most of the games involving two Top 25 teams. After that, it will be games of interest, games on TV, or games I see upsets happening in. In the first few weeks though, there will probably not be many of those so bear with me. I guess what I'm trying to say is, there won't be a lot of seperation until conference play starts.

Eligibility: Every one is eligible for this contest. It would also be nice if you guys would invite other people. Friends, family, members of other blogs. This way it would be more fun and challenging.

Lock Times: All picks are due by the start of the first game that week. That means on some days it might be really early in the week. That just requires you guys to check the site more.

Posts: I will try to get the games up by either Monday or Tuesday and the scoreboard a day or two after the final game.

So there you have it, make sure to check BTD either Monday or Tuesday of next week for the first games.

                                                                                        Good Luck!