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BTD College Basketball Pick'Em: Week 4 Picks

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Here we are in Week 4 of College Basketball. There are a few great games this week, but they will be over-shadowed by some great Football.

I'm cutting it a little bit close with the first matchup, but we have to have the National Championship rematch up. Anyways, you've got just about 24 hours to make your first pick. So without further to do, here are your Week 4 Picks. All times are Pacific.

Michigan State @ North Carolina, Tuesday, 6:00 PM

Alcorn State @ Kansas, Wednesday, 5:00 PM

USC @ Texas, Thursday, 6:00 PM

North Carolina @ Kentucky, Saturday, 9:30 AM

Kansas @ UCLA, Sunday, 2:30 PM

Since North Carolina is up there twice, pleae refer to them in the comments section as "North Carolina-Tuesday" or "North Carolina-Saturday." Also, Kansas is up there twice so please refer to them as "Kansas-Wednesday" or Kansas-Sunday."

The Michigan State-North Carolina game should be awesome on Tuesday night. Your annual win of the week comes on Wednesday night with Alcorn State-Kansas. USC-Texas should be a pretty interesting matchup, along with the fact that it is on TV and is part of the Pac-10/Big 12 Hardwood Series, I felt like I had to include it. 

On Saturday, before the big Alabama-Florida game on the gridiorn you can tune in for the North Carolina-Kentucky game on the hardwood. Finally, the struggling Bruins welcome in the Jayhawks to Pauley Pavilion. Expect it to be close for a half, and who knows, if the Bruins catch fire they could upset top-ranked Kansas.

Don't forget that even if you miss some games, you can still make your picks. Just the games that have been played before won't count.

Remember to rank your picks on a confidence scale of one to five, with five being the most confident and one being the least. Also, if you miss the first game, then the scale is four to one and so on. Let me know if that doesn't make sense.

I'll have the standings up on either Sunday or Monday.

Happy Picking!