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Media Monday at OSU: "Every part of the team has to do its job"

Oregon State's weekly press conference event came 24-hours earlier than usual this week, as the schedule has been adjusted to accommodate for a Thursday kickoff. 

Nobody took any shots, there was no bulletin board material generated-- it was business as usual. 

Mike Riley acknowledged the respect he has for the Oregon program and what they've done, but also added that he has great respect for his team and what they've accomplished. 

"The teams that do well in games like this--whether it's Super Bowls, Bowl games, etc.-- are the ones who can be prepared for the game. That's been our goal since the day after the WSU game."

Riley identified some keys for the game on both sides of the ball. 

On defense, it was stopping the run, specifically: "We always pride ourselves in it, but it becomes no bigger than playing against Oregon with the way they run the football. You're going to have to play an all-around defensive game, but if you allow them just to continue to run, then it's going to be hard."

Offensively, Riley's keys were twofold: To have poise, and play fast. Riley harped on the fact that the Beavers aren't going to try and mix everything up or re-invent themselves for this game. He said that the things that the Beavers do well will need to be amplified in the game: "What got you to this point will help you win the game"

However, he was sure to not leave out special teams as well, saying "every phase of the game has got to do their job".

One final quote from Riley: "It would totally mean a lot to win this game, but we can't go there yet. It's a trap."

One more anecdote from the press conference, plus some links for further reading after the break. 

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Here's what senior linebacker Keaton Kristick had to say today, via Mike Tokito of the Oregonian:

Usual funny line from linebacker Keaton Kristick, who talked about what playing on a Thursday night is like. He said usually, for a Saturday night game, he would sit down and watch some football games in the morning.

"I guess I'll watch some soaps or something like that," he said.

Kristick added this about Oregon quarterback Jeremiah Masoli, a guy he'll be chasing all game Thursday: "He's really quick, but he's not afraid of contact, which you want from a running back. I consider him more of a running back than a quarterback."

Kristick added that getting blown out by Oregon last year was tough, especially watching the guys who had played their final Civil Wars. "It was really hard to watch the seniors," he said.



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