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Civil War Memories (some Good Ol' Time smack talk)

Hmm, is it that time of the year again? Am I hearing the drums of hyperbole and unintended oxymorons in many people's reasoning? Oh, yes, I suppose I heard there is some game this Thursday.

Okay, seriously (although I was seriously tempted to call this post "The Fun Czar Strikes Back," okay not really), I wanted to take a moment and look back at some of the recent Civil War games (the good ones!).

I welcome other people's memories of the previous games between OSU and UO, yes even you UO fans, and what do you remember most? I also included a poll of games since 1998.

RVM's memories, yes I had to dig deep into what's left of my short to mid-term memory on some of these, are after the break, oh and a special good ol' time bit of smack I dug up from my archive file.

1998: What can one say about this one? I actually was on the road helping my brother with a move to Portland and we were burned out and got to some pub that had the game on, and I was like wow, what the hell, this is a competitive game. We had to get home, so headed out 99W in the Tercel wagon and turned the game on the radio for the rest of the drive back. That was some game, even on the radio, and have to admit turned me back to OSU football, for I had about enough the previous three last place seasons. Oh, and some guy ran in the winning TD, who was that player...

Beavers_medium2000: Ah, yes this game was surreal for me. First, I had a Saturday workshop I had to attend that morning, and guess where it was? Yep, the UO campus, so I wore my Beavs cap for good measure and lived. But what I remember most was just watching that game in a surreal haze (and no drinks were involved), I was like wow this is a really good team in a a big time State of Oregon Civil War game. That was a REALLY good Oregon State Beavers football team. Did we smack Joey around in this one or what?

2001: Okay, so we lost this one and it was a terrible let down, SI Cover curse, season. But this rain game was oh so close to being a spoiler one for the Beavs, we had the Ducks on the ropes at times and again Joey just didn't seem to match up well against the DE defense. But alas one spectacular punt return sealed the deal for the Ducks, but that was damn good UO team and I'm still a proud about taking it to them a bit, at Autzen, during a disappointing season.

2002: Hmm, I have to admit I don't remember much about this game! Besides Anderson and Jackson going to town, and I still scratch my head over why those two couldn't do this again the next year in Eugene, hmm, yep I have no idea why I can't remember much from this one! It was a very good OSU win. Hope someone can fill in the memory gaps for me!

2004: What the heck was this game? Another surreal experience for me, I totally thought we played the lights out, but at the same time couldn't believe how poorly the UO team played and just seemed to not get any breaks in this game. I remember there was this one wide open missed catch by a UO receiver and I was just thinking, dang, we're going to win this easily. Always a good feeling, but yes the favor was returned the next year.

2006: This was a great game and I was actually impressed how the Ducks just kept coming at the Beavs in this one. It maybe made it a bit closer than I would've really liked, but wow when Matt Moore went all "John Elway" on us and took the team down for that last score and then getting the pressure on that UO kick just made for a classic. Oh, and some player named Serna got to win the game, you remember him, the guy who played against LSU in 2004, yep, how sweet to have it come down to his foot to win it for the Beavs.

2007: Yes! Finally the Autzen monkey off our backs! I don't give a darn what people say about who was and who wasn't playing for each team, this was another great game. I think the Duck fans do a disservice to the skill level of their team when they whine about who played for them that game (look at the Sun Bowl smack down you all had on USF). There was a lot of heart showed on both sides that evening. My best/worse personal memory: I actually was too stressed out and pacing at the end, especially during the OT, so much so I actually missed James' score! Way it goes, good win.

2009: ? First CW game for me to attend in a long time and I can't explain it, but as the Beatles sung: "I've got a feeling, a feeling deep inside..." We'll see though won't we? Going to be a tough tough tough (yep three toughs are about right) game, and I'm not putting the savings up against the odds or anything, and anyway I'm thinking I'll need them for a New Year's trip to Pasadena.

Go Beavs!