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Daily Links: 10 Days and Counting

Amazing times we're living in. Sure, there's a bunch of important stuff going on outside of the State of Oregon, but can anyone really think of anything other than the upcoming Civil War? This winner take all match up will make the next week and a half go soooooo slowly that we'll all be pulling our hair out waiting for kick off. Can't they just play it tonight? Please? Please?!

Here's some crap from around the internet:

  • Daschel weighs in on the PAC 10 standings.
  • More on the possible bowl mess. The Beavers could make things so simple if they'd just win come December 3.
  • Cliffy K. notes that this is the second year in a row that OSU has been in the running for the Rose Bowl. It'll be nice to have the bye week AND Quizz this time around.Here's to staying healthy and preparation! (Mr. Banker, you should be watching some tape right about now.)
  • Beavers are looking forward to the high stakes match up on December 3.
  • The "Not Cool" award for the week goes to Arizona fans. All joking aside, Arizona has just zero control over their crowd. The premature emptying of the stands is symptomatic of a team that simply hasn't been there before and doesn't know how to handle winning big games, but throwing big heavy things at people is something else entirely. I know Arizona is a tough place to live but come on guys, don't take it out on other states' schools.
  • OK. Let's face it. There are a million other stories about the upcoming game out there and I can't track them all. Put your recommendations below and GO BEAVERS.