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Beavers 42, Cougars 10: Beavers Take Care of Business (Again)

Let's face it, it was a game we all knew Oregon State was going to win-- we (or maybe it was only me) just didn't want to say it before this game. 

Also, it is my understanding that unless some of you made the trip to Pullman, none of us were able to watch the game. 

In other words, let's get this recap over with quickly so we can move on. 

Goal number one was to win. The Beavers did that. 

Goal number two was to stay healthy. For the most part, the Beavers did that. I'm not sure what the status of Brennan Olander is, but I think he was the only player who came out of the game nursing an injury. If I'm wrong on that, please correct me. 

Since I wasn't able to listen to the game in it's entirety on the radio, I'm hesitant to make any assertions at the moment other than to say that the Beavers did what they needed to do. Everything has happened the way we needed it to, so let's look at some stats and call it good: