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Cougar Week Coming to a Close!



Cougar week... will it ever end? Sorry about the past few days, work sometimes gets in the way of what's truly important in life. But without much further ado or fluff, here are some links...

  • Bob Condotta up at the Seattle Times points out an interesting statistic in his PAC 10 picks for this week: the Beavers have turned the ball over the fewest amount of times in the conference (seven) while the Cougs have couged the ball away the most in the PAC 10 (28!).
  • Numbers don't lie - the offense has been great this year.
  • Cliff Kirkpatrick has his notes and usual good information.
  • All joking aside, it's not easy being Washington State.
  • 2008457846_medium

    "Jeez... their team looks a lot better than ours, guys. You sure you want to do this?"




    Post any links or comments below. As for tomorrow, stay healthy, do most of the work in the first half and GO BEAVERS!