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BTD College Basketball Pick'Em Standings: Week 2

After a crazy Week 2 we saw some shakeup in the BTD College Basketball Pick'Em Standings. The movement was mostly caused by me not giving people enough time to make the Kansas-Memphis pick, but I think it will all even out in the end.

So without further to do, here are your Week 2 standings: 

Place        Name                      Total Score

1st             ConnorOSU             29 Points
2nd           Jake Bertalotto         27 Points
T3             Jimmy James          25 Points
T3             C_hawkfan              25 Points
5th            The VD Special       23 Points
6th            Figgi4life                 21 Points
7th            Tortuga12               15 Points
8th            cloudydays               9 Points
T9             cmr                          7 Points
T9             sdfan21                    7 Points