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Tuesday Links: Yes, it's still Coug Week.

Not much to talk about this week. This is a game that by all means the Beavers should win handily. The only things to fear (other than a freakish letdown of epic proportions) are injuries. If I had my say, Jacquizz and James Rodgers rest the second half, Ryan Katz takes over for Sean Canfield halfway through the third and the defense rotates in the same fashion as the UW game.

Speaking of the end-of-game rotation in the UW game--was anyone else as happy as I was to see the third, fourth and fifth string kids still holding their own against Husky starters? Sad for UW, good for us.

Onto the links...

The men's basketball team is, like the rest of us, unhappy with their slow start.
  • Dwight Jaynes complains about something here. This time, he's complaining about The Oregonian's lack of knowledge of the Rose Bowl scenarios.
  • As much talking as people want to do about the Rose Bowl and the Beavers' chances, it's pretty simple: win.
  • Cliff Kirkpatrick goes in depth for Coug Week.
  • If you can't beat 'em on the field, well, beat up on someone else off the field. As if it couldn't get any worse, the Cougars lose a linebacker to the law as a starter is picked up by Pullman's finest. Story here.
  • One thing that Coach Sarkisian didn't pick up during his time at USC was how to lose to Oregon State with some sense of sportsmanship and/or humility. NOTE TO COACH SARK: Your fans know it and so do your players. When you get blown out, it's not just because you played poorly. It's because you don't have a very good team. Take your lumps. You'll be back soon, unfortunately.
  • ESPN's Ted Miller ranks job safety among PAC 10 coaches. Spoiler: Mike Riley's job is the safest. He also has a piece on the Beavers slow start and late surge toward the Rose Bowl.
  • A USC blog has a nice piece on the history of running up the score in the PAC 10. Worth a glance.
  • That's all I have for now. Post the usual below and enjoy your Coug Week! GO BEAVERS!