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BTD College Basketball Pick'Em: Week 2 Picks

Here we are in Week 2 of College Basketball. After an easy 1st week (Except for Figgi4life) there are some better and tougher matchups this week. 

There is also a rule change! You can enter your picks at any time over the course of the week, just the games that have started already won't count. There won't be any "I was watching Jeopardy and I didn't see any scores" excuses either. I'm looking at you Jake and VD. So without further to do here are your Week 2 picks.

Memphis vs Kansas, Tuesday, 7:00 PM

Dayton vs Georgia Tech, Thursday, 8:30 AM

Syracuse vs California, Thursday, 4:00 PM

Central Arkansas @ Kansas, Thursday, 5:00 PM

North Carolina vs Ohio State, Thursday, 6:00 PM

Since Kansas is on there twice, please refer to them in the comments section as "Kansas-Tuesday" or "Kansas-Sunday."

Remember to rank your picks on a confidence scale of one to five, with five being the most confident and one being the least.

I'll have the standings up either on Friday or Saturday.

Happy Picking!