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Monday Links: Coug Week

Cougar week! Woo.... hoo? This is a game where goal 1a. is WIN and goal 1b. is STAY HEALTHY. Hopefully we can see some significant time for Ryan Katz and Jovan Stevenson. Both have put in their dues and deserve a little time on the field. Above all though, all I want is an uneventful win where no one gets hurt on either side of the ball (for either team--the Cougs need to win the Apple Cup!).

Quick takes from the weekend: Jim Harbaugh is going to get some job offers this offseason, Cal isn't dead, Arizona State needs an offense and UW has a longer road back to respectability than I thought (but don't tell their fans on the SBN blog who are convinced they still have a "top notch" program). And for anyone who was counting, that was two scores for Joe Halahuni on Saturday.

Anyway, here are some links.

OSU pass rush puts Jake Locker and Husky bowl hopes on their arses. To our friends from the North: Enjoy your "charming" Space Needle, filthy sound and hope you guys lose the Apple Cup.
  • Here are some highlights from this weekend's game: