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Game 3 Preview and Open Thread: OSU vs. Texas Tech

Oregon State at Texas Tech - 1pm - Audio at + KPAM 860

If the Beavers are looking to make the NCAA Tournament, these are the types of games in which they need to win.

Texas Tech is a quality Big 12 opponent. Oregon State hasn't played any quality opponents like they will be playing this year in the Pac-10 schedule, and has still struggled to get back to last year's late-season form. The Beavers faired especially poorly in their season opener against Texas A&M Corpus Christi, apparently struggling under their own high expectations of themselves.

Texas Tech, on the other hand, has faired better than OSU in their first two games. TT has defeated TAMUCC and South Dakota-- the same opponents as Oregon State. They defeated TAMUCC by six and South Dakota by 39.

The Beavers are probably going to have to fix a lot of things all at once to have a shot at Texas Tech today. It's clear that this team is going to run through Roeland Schafteaar, like it did last season, so he will have to play well-- and therefore make those around him play well.

The Red Raiders weren't a top tier Big 12 team by any means last year, but either were the Beavers in the Pac-10. TT went 3-13 last year in their conference, finishing 11th, and were 14-19 overall.

Here's Connor to take you the rest of the way: The key to this game in my mind will be controlling guard John Roberson and forward Mike Singletary. In yesterday's game against Texas A&M Corpus Christi, Roberson had 15 points while Singletary had 14. Singletary also had five boards so it will be Shaftenaar and Brandt's job to keep him off of the glass. If the 1-3-1 zone can control these two guys and force the ball into the hands of guard David Tairu, the Beavers should be pretty successful on the defensive side of the ball.

Some other important things for this afternoon's game is to not force up too many shots. In our first two games we have kind of gotten away from the Princeton Offense. Not looking for backdoor cuts, and not being patient. Those kinds of things. If we run our offense the way it's supposed to be run, we should have a good day.

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