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GameThread: Oregon State vs. Washington

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Oregon State (6-3, 4-2) vs. Washington (3-6, 2-4) - 12:30pm, Reser Stadium - TV on FSN

Things got ugly the last time the Huskies came to town. Really ugly.

There were ejections. There was an ambulance. There was a egregious non-review. There were quarterbacks laying out defensive linemen. And all this was preceded by a full day of tailgating, that had the Reser crowd... rowdy. But the Beavers came out with the win.

That game drew the third largest crowd ever to Reser Stadium. It remains to be seen whether today's game will surpass the 45,626 that saw the Beavers beat the Huskies in 2007-- but it could come close. Last I heard, 500 tickets remain for the game.

Many Beaver fans are expecting the Oregon State offense to simply overwhelm Nick Holt's Husky Defense. They have the seventh best overall defense in the Pac-10, and haven't had much luck stopping anyone as of late-- and Jacquizz Rodgers is anxious to find some running room after he was bottled up last week. And you can bet that the OSU defense is ready to stop Jake Locker and the UW offense. We'll see what happens.

Once again, hats off to the twelve seniors, whose numbers are gracing the BtD tagline above: Moevao, Henderson, Canfield, Clark, Kristick, Terry, Peat, Adeniji, Kavanaugh, Croom, Moala, and Nau.

For newcomers-- this thread will probably be fairly light throughout the game, as many of the BtD regulars will be inside Reser. Don't hesitate to speak up! We have a lot of readers from far reaches of Beaver Nation who may be online during the game.

It's Dad's Weekend. It's Senior Day. Be Loud. Be Proud.


--Jake (

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