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BTD College Basketball Pick'Em: Week 1 Picks

Well, here we are in Week 1 of College Basketball. There are absolutely no good games this week, so don't be surprised if everybody is tied after Week 1. (That's code for, if you get one of them wrong, expect a lot of laughter directed at you.) So without further to do, here are your Week 1 Picks. All times are Pacific.

North Carolina Central @ North Carolina, Wednesday, 6:00 PM

Florida Gulf Coast @ Michigan State, Friday, 4:00 PM

Hofstra @ Kansas, Friday, 5:00 PM

UC Irvine @ Texas, Sunday, 11:00 AM

Valparaiso @ North Carolina, Sunday, 1:00 PM

Since North Carolina is on there twice, please refer to them in the comments section as "North Carolina-Wednesday" or "North Carolina-Sunday."

I picked the Texas game because there is a slight chance of an upset there, and all the other games because they are in a Pre-Season Tournament and on TV.

Remember to rank your picks on a confidence scale of one to five, with five being the most confident and one being the least.

I'll have the standings up either on Sunday or Monday.

All picks are due by Wednesday at 6:00 PM. They will not count if they are late.

Happy Picking!