Star Map to "Unlikely" Beavs Championship

All the reports I read about what could happen over the next four weeks seem to suggest that Beavers have the most unfathomable road to caprturing the PAC-10 crown.  I don't see it that way.  Arizona and Oregon do hold the keys to their own fate and of course USC is lurking with a favorable schedule which could result in the rest of the country yawning at the PAC-10 race when USC beats UA in the final game of the regular season.  But this doesn't seem too outlandish to me:

Nov. 14th

Stanford beats USC at the coliseum (again)-  They are the only ones to do it in, like, forever.  Harbaugh has these guys rolling and after serving the Ducks the way they did considering the way the Ducks handled USC, it's not a reach to say Furd has a really good chance.

OSU squeaks by UW-  I know, I know.  The Dawgs are fighting for a bowl game though and we haven't been that great at home.  UW also likes to play the upset role and they have a good team.  I think we win this one on the foot of our kicker (again).  Plus, I went to homecoming since it was the only legitimate shot at me seeing a game this year and I have to say our attendance was PATHETIC!  We need to fill that place and get loud!  I almost thought I was in Berkeley.

Cal vs. Cats-  It would be nice to see the Bears give AZ one of the two losses and Tedford still has weapons despite Best going down.  If their defense plays the way it is capable of playing, I think they could pull the upset.  Syd is an animal.

ASU at Knight's- ASU has a defense.  Erickson could get one win at Autzen.  That would be nice.  It's been a long time since I've had back-to-back euphoric weekends like 11-7 but let's be real.

WSU vs. UCLA- post this one on

So we could have USC with three conference losses and actually putting the athletic department into a tailspin trying to figure out travel plans for a bowl game in San Diego.  Let's assume that the rest of the favorites win.

Nov. 21st

OSU @ WSU- You know how teams always say they can't see Quizz behind the blockers?  How about when his uniform matches the field too? 

Knight's @ UA-  Every great once-in-a-while...spiteful Beav fans (me) are forced to root for the Ducks.  If Cal did post the upset and Furd did beat USC than I wouldn't worry about it.  If recent history has shown us anything...duckfan should be very afraid.  End of the year games in Tuscon = disaster for Oregon schools. (ref. Dixon, Rodgers)

No one else really matters at this point.

So if we can give Arizona two losses before squaring off with USC even better.  Plus they still have to play their rivalry before that.  Wildcats have a rough road in my view!  Honestly, UO doesn't need to lose before playing OSU.

Dec. 3rd

OSU @ Knight's- Wow, what a game this will be (hopefully)

So we need some help, yes.  But I don't think it's a longshot to say things could go our way.  USC is not playing well but we should expect Carroll to get them on the right track.  Arizona has a ridiculously hard final four games. I think they have a better chance of losing out than winning out. (There is enough tape on Foles now)  We have the tie-breaker over Harbaugh and if we do what we should up to the Civil War, the opportunity to steal the Rose Bowl from the Ducks is right there.  The Civil War is traditionally about payback.  What else could Oregonians want?

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