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Pac-10 TV Schedule, Week 6

Only four games this week, all league games, and the Oregon St. Beavers and their visitors, the Stanford Cardinal, are the conference's nationally televised game. Fox Sports' network of regional stations will give national coverage to the 4:00 contest.

The Oregon Ducks visit the UCLA Bruins in the Rose Bowl at 12:30 to kick off the day's coverage, and the game is the ABC regional game. Portions of the country that don't get the game on their ABC channel will get the game on the premium ESPN 360 channel. It's the only Pac-10 game in the 360 package this week, contrasted with 6 ACC games and 4 WAC games.

Following the Beavers/Cardinal game, at 7:15, Fox Sports Arizona and Fox Sports Northwest will cary the Arizona Wildcats at Washington Huskies contest.

The 2:00 Arizona St. Sun Devils at Washington St. Cougars game will not be televised.

The USC Trojans and California Golden Bears have a bye this week.