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Postgame React: Beavers Come Up Short against #7 Trojans

Final Score: Southern Cal 42, Oregon State 36

The Beavers gave it all they had on Saturday night in Los Angeles, but ultimately came up six points short... 

Mike Riley and Oregon State will look back to the first half and look at missed opportunities in the red zone, and penalties, and think about what could have been. But at the end of the day, you have to believe that Oregon State succeeded in "Respecting, and not fearing" their opponent... and they never gave up. 

"When you get in the red zone, you have to score touchdowns." --Sean Canfield

Props to Sean Canfield for one helluva game.. 30/43 for 329 yards and three touchdowns. He was the only reason that the Beavers stayed in the game when Quizz went down in the second quarter and was a bit gimpy for the rest of the game. Also, credit needs to go to Joe Halahuni, who finished with 9 catches for 127 yards. And how about Jordan Poyer, stepping in for James Rodgers on the kickoff return team to set the Beavers up in spectacular field position near the end of the game?

The loss hurts, but ultimetely I think this is a game to be proud of, and to build on. 

UCLA next week. 

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