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Second Half Open Thread: OSU vs. USC

Just like in the Arizona game, the Beavers are getting field goals when they need touchdowns, and a couple of key mistakes have turned the tide in this game. At Halftime, our score is USC 3-TD's, OSU 3-FG's. 

After USC struck first on Matt Barkley's floating pass to Anthony McCoy... but all that came after James Rodgers was stripped on the first play of Oregon State's second possession. 

A pair of Justin Kahut 48-yard field goals put the Beavers within one at 7-6, with the second field goal coming a few plays after a James Dockery interception. 

USC scored early in the second quarter on a 22-yard pass from Barkley to Johnson. Oregon State then countered with a drive that took them all the way down to the 4-yard line... but they had to bring Kahut on for his third field goal attempt of the game, which he missed wide-left. 

USC would then take it 80 yards in 8 plays to take a 15 point lead... OSU would close the gap with yet another field goal in the waning seconds of the half. 

Oregon State has been winning the game statistically for most of the night. At the half, the Beavers are out-gaining USC 230-196. Too many penalties though... the Beavers have 5 flags for 45 yards, with the biggest of those being Kristick's late hit on Matt Barkley that negated a interception. 

Whether Jacquizz Rodgers re-enters this game or not, the Beavers need to establish a rushing game. Sean Canfield had a great first half, but we're not going to win this game through the air. We have to keep USC balanced on defense. McCants obviously couldn't get it done the few times he had the ball, as Jovan Stevenson continues to look like a better option. 

As much as I want to see Quizz come back in the third quarter, I want to make sure he's not risking re-injury by playing on a bum ankle. With UCLA, Cal, and Washington in the next three weeks, we're definitely going to need Quizz for more than just today. 

Heading into the third quarter, it's USC 21, OSU 9. 

[UPDATE, 10:26 3rd Quarter] Oregon State's defense stopped the Trojans on their opening drive, then the offense drove the ball 60 yards, relying heavily on the passing game, and getting their first touchdown of the game on a 6-yard pass from Canfield to Jacquizz Rodgers. Score: USC 21, Oregon State 16

[UPDATE, 6:34 3rd Quarter] USC drove the ball 70 yards in 12 plays to build a 12 point lead. Just got a text from The VD Special, and couldn't agree with it more: "Time to prove that we are relevant. Score and stop." Score: USC 28, Oregon State 16

[UPDATE, End 3] USC and OSU exchange touchdowns... and the Beavers are still down 12 at the end of the third. Score: USC 35, Oregon State 23

[UPDATE, 12:07 4th Quarter] USC scores on a long punt return, then OSU counters with a touchdown drive in which James Rodgers' helmet was ripped off after he made the catch.... Score: USC 35, Oregon State 29

[UPDATE, 5:41 4th Quarter] Lance Mitchell picks off Matt Barkley and Canfield drives it down the field... Beavers need another stop, and another score... USC 42, Oregon State 36

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