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Beavers Win! BEAVERS WIN!!!!! (Celebration Open Thread)

In a game that will be remembered for years to come, the Oregon State Beavers defeated the USC Trojans, in the sport of men's basketball, by the score of 62-58.

The Beavers are now 1-1 in Pac-10 play.


Roeland Schaftenaar had the game of his Oregon State career, scoring 18 points and collecting seven rebounds. He played 40 of 45 minutes. Also... 6 assists, three steals, one turnover.

Calvin Haynes scored 16 points... Omari Johnson scored 11.

The Beavers achieved their long awaited Pac-10 victory, their first win in 21 conference games. The last time the Beavers tasted victory in the Pac-10 was February 22, 2007. 

I'll get a more formal game write-up later, but for now, let's enjoy this one!


--Jake (