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Introducing the BtD Adjusted Men's Basketball Schedule

You may have noticed that I asked questions like "What would constitute a victory in your opinion" and "Were you satsified?" in relation to the UCLA game. Here's why. 

I've decided to start a project here on BtD for the men's basketball season... We set the standards. We judge the results. And we see what the "adjusted" records are at the end of the season.

For example: Before the UCLA game, we voted on the question "In your opinion, what would you consider a "victory" in tonight's game against UCLA?" The winning vote was "Beavers lose by ten or less". 

The Beavers lost by 21 to the Bruins. That's a loss no matter how you dice it. If the Beavers had actually lost by nine, that's a loss on the real stat-sheet, but a win on ours.

Then, after the game, we decided if we were "satisfied" with the game. Again, the majority voted "no". Therefore, the UCLA game was a loss in the "satisfaction" column.

We'll continue this throughout the season, and see how things turn out. 

Here's where we stand after the UCLA game. Click to enlarge.

Unscientific, I know, but it should be interesting.

--Jake (