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330TH CIVIL WAR: Gameday Open Thread

It's the game we've all been waiting for... the game that could make Oregon State the "basketball" team in the state.

Pregame: For the first time in a long time, the Beavers are favored to win a conference game, and it just so happens to be Craig Robinson's first Civil War at Gill Coliseum. The Ducks enter the game 0-8 in the Pac-10, and the Beavers come in at 3-5... almost flip-flopped from a year ago. The Ducks will need to get big performances from their veterans-- Joevan Catron, Tajuan Porter, etc-- to keep them in this game. I don't think their freshmen can do it alone in what should be a raucous Legendary Gill. The Beavers, on the other hand, will need to play their brand of modified-Princeston basketball, slowing the game down and preventing the Ducks from running wild. The Ducks have one of the fastest tempos in the conference, and have the most assists, but they also turn the ball over at a very high rate. But if the Beavers can run their stuff-- with Pac-10 Player of the Week Roeland Schaftenaar playing like he did in the Bay Area, and Calvin Haynes can do his thing from the outside as well as attack the rim, we're in good shape.

Momentum will be huge in this game. If we get up to a big lead, the young Ducks will have a hard time coming back.

I realize that most of you will be at the game (wish I could be there, too), but if you're not, I'll be in the Game Thread if you want to chat. I hope to see a few of you then, but I hope that the BtD contingent that will be attending (RVM, ArbyOSU, and maybe some others?) will bring their 'A' game from the stands.

IF YOU'RE GOING TO THE GAME: Rock Gill. Make it intimidating and loud. And if you would, take some pictures or at least make some mental notes during the game, and share them on BtD after the game. I'd really appreciate it, since I can't make it to this game because of my schedule.

Remember... tipoff scheduled for 4:30 PM. According to the media release I got from FSN earlier in the week, the game won't be in HD, which sucks, but, whatever.


All your comments here.

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