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Pac-10 Rountable, 1-29-09

Hey all, here is the Pac10 Roundtable for this week... Thanks to all the blog sites for making this happen. Let's get it started!!

1.  Do you think Cal and Stanford fans would still have voted for Barack Obama, if this was what he meant by "change"?

Not sure why they would have voted for him anyways.. I mean, after all, would you want to hire Paul Wullf a football coach who only had a few years of coaching high school? But I guess that's what we Conservatives get for having an old man running. But I digress. In all honesty, it's good for the conference that Oregon State is getting this much publicity and not sucking balls. Could you imagine the outpouring of "Pac10 SUCKS!" if OSU was the most publicized team in the conference, and we went winless, again? Especially now that UCLA isn't dominating like they have in years past. Trust me, you want the Beavs to get good again. And Coach Robinson is the change that we can all believe in.

2.  Recruiting is heating up.  How is your team's recruiting class looking?

In terms of football, it is looking awesome. We don't get the 4 and 5 star guys like some of the other, "bigger" programs in the conference, but as everybody knows, that's not what we need. So we filled some big holes on the OLine and at defensive back. Our Defensive line is looking thin, so hopefully we will be able to get on that before signing day. Getting Markus Wheaton was pretty cool. Anytime you can take a prized recruit who happens to be a relative of one of the most famous players for your rival, it's special. MARKUS WHEATONS GONNA SCORE! MARKUS WHEATONS GONNA SCORE!

3.  Woah, UCLA loses another game.  What's up with that?

It's the Pac10, what did they expect. Did they think they could just come into this conference, hire some special coach, and dominate it for the next 7 years?? Oh wait, well, anyways, UCLA has weaknesses just like any other program. And of course they are going to lose every now and then. But if you're an honest betting man, would you bet against UCLA to go farther in the tournament then any other Pac10 team this year? They are talented and well coached, as well as have experience. But the Pac10 is just that good.

4. Who is going to have the better season in Football next year? Washington State or Washington? Tell us why and show your work.
Good Lord, this is a tough one. I'm going to say Washington State. Sure, UW has the second coming of Jesus in Jake Locker, but can he finally be healthy for an entire season remains the big question. They are both going to be pretty awful again. Gosh, this question sucks. Don't be surprised to see another 0-fer Apple Cup this year. Maybe the Seahawks and Raiders could join the Pac10 too?

5. Word making the rounds is that the Mountain West is seeing an automatic BCS Bid ( Should they get one? Do they deserve one? If they did get one, would it silence calls for complete and total destruction of the BCS?
This year, absolutely the Mountain West would have been deserving. But year in and year out, they don't. Sure, BYU, TCU, and Utah are good. But how bad is Wyoming, UNLV, and New Mexico? It's not like they beat Tennessee, Arizona State, and Arizona this year... There should be calls for a new and improved BCS, but a playoff is not the answer. That is another topic entirely of itself.