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ESPN Takes Notice of the Change in Corvallis

Not long ago we cried out to our readers to produce a Coach Robinson poster in lieu of his brother-in-law's Presidential Campaign. 

Barack's in the White House now, Robinson was in the Lincoln Bedroom on Tuesday, and his Oregon State Beavers beat Cal on Thursday, and Stanford on Saturday. 

This is what BtD reader Jeff produced:


And this is what ESPN's College Basketball front page looked like for most of Sunday:

Whether you're on the left wing or the right wing, you have to admit that the publicity that Oregon State is getting these days is just disgusting. In a sarcastic way.

ESPN's Andy Katz, who wrote an elaborate piece on Obama and Robinson earlier in the year, is at it again, this time taking a look at Robinson's 'emotional' week:

"It was the most moving thing I've seen, other than Tuesday," Robinson said Friday morning, comparing the ovation [he received in Berkeley] to the emotion he felt watching his brother-in-law, Barack Obama, become the 44th president of the United States and his sister, Michelle, the first lady.

"It was the classiest thing I've ever seen," Robinson said. "It's by far the most emotional thing that has happened to me since Tuesday."

Robinson said he hadn't been introduced yet. He had just come out for warm-ups when the ovation started. He said Cal coach Mike Montgomery hadn't even come out from his team's locker room.

But arguably even more impressive than that nod was Katz' decision to dub Oregon State the "Team of the Week" in the nation, and Roeland Schaftenaar one of his "Players of the Week". in his Weekly Watch.

That's impressive, considering the Beavers are currently sitting at sixth in the Pac-10. But it's hard to ignore the success Oregon State is having after being the first team to go winless in the Pac-10 since it expanded to 10 teams in the 1970s, just a year ago.

Add this in with the front-row airtime that Craig got at Tuesday's Inauguration, and you get publicity that money can't buy. 

Way to make your boss look good, Coach Robinson. 

--Jake (