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Back from El Paso, and happy to come away with a win!

You know, the silver lining is that at least we weren't on the losing side of a 3-0 game, right? If you aren't new to Oregon State football, then this was a classic OSU game. People stepped up when others were down. 50% of our offense was gone. Our most dynamic players were gone. And who stepped up? The defense and Johnny Hekker. Johnny Mo' Effin Hekker. The guy has been much maligned all year long, and he finally showed the skill that he has shown in flashes this year. And our defense! We weren't going up against the best offense in the country, but we were going up against two very good running backs and shut them down for the most part. Mike Riley again proves why he's one of the most underrated coaches in the country: he can win with almost anything.

One thing became evidently clear from this game: Jeremy Francis, if he should return to the team for next year, will go into the Spring as the #2 running back on the depth chart. I feel bad for McCants, but he just cannot get it done. For whatever reason, his style of running doesn't fit with the blocking that we have. But we need to continue to support him. He has not once complained about anything or mentioned transferring, and should be applauding for dealing with the situation he has been dealt. Also, I think it's great that Moevao is always positive and I still think he's a great leader. But I'm kind of getting annoyed with the smiling after every interception. I don't think he needs to cuss himself out and go pout on the bench, but show a little emotion that you've done something wrong!

It was great to see this senior class, arguably our most productive senior class is some time, go out with a win. Sloppy, yes, but a win. These guys will be missed greatly. I'll write more about what the Beavs are looking at for next year, as well as the rest of the Pac10, in a later article. Also, I'll try to get some pictures up from the game. El Paso was more then hospitable to both sets of fans, and it was a really cool bowl game. I would estimate around 3,000 Beaver fans, and around 10,000 Pitt fans. But the town really got behind the game and filled up the 50,000 seat Sun Bowl stadium. Anyways, I've got to run for now! 5-0 for the Pac10 should help squash some of the anti-Pac10 resentment. GO BEAVS!