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Pac-10 Power Rankings, Week 5

  1. USC (2-1, 0-1) - Even though the Beavers worked the Trojans on Thursday, there's no denying that they're still the best and most feared team in this conference. It will be interesting to see what they do to the Ducks on Saturday. Last game: at Oregon State (L, 27,21) Next game: vs. Oregon.
  2. Cal (3-1, 1-0) - I feel like I'm overranking the Bears, but I don't know where else to put them. They are a bit of a mystery at this point- the loss to Maryland is a big black spot on the schedule, but it seems like they're one of the top teams, talent-wise, in the conference. Number 2 is where they fall this week. Things may change after ASU comes to town this weekend. Last game: vs. Colorado State (W, 42-7) Next game: vs. Arizona State.
  3. OSU (2-2, 1-1) - As much as I want to rank OSU a spot higher, I still don't think that they've proved they're the second best team in this conference. We will find out how good the Beavers are this Thursday at Utah. One would hope the Beavers are somewhere between the team we saw at Penn State and the team we saw Thurday. But we always know that Mike Riley's teams get better with time. Last game: vs. #1 Oregon State (W, 27-21) Next game: at #15 Utah, Thursday.
  4. Oregon (4-1, 2-0) - The Ducks looked good against Washington State, but the Cougars are pretttty bad. With games against both the Washington schools out of the way, their schedule will only get tougher, and it starts this week with USC. Last game: at Washington State (W, 63-14) Next game: at USC.
  5. Arizona (3-1, 1-0) - They've gotten the job done, minus the choke job at New Mexico, but it seems like every Pac-10 is getting a mullgan this year. They'll likely win this week against Washington, but things get interesting after that with Stanford, Cal, and USC all in a row. Last game: at UCLA (W, 31-10) Next game: vs. Washington.
  6. Arizona State (2-2, 1-0) - They seem to be underachiving at this point, but maybe it's just me. They've lost two straight... they need a win to gain some respect. Last game: vs. #3 Georgia (L, 21-10) Next game: at Cal
  7. Stanford (3-2, 2-1) - They're in the same boat as Arizona State. They need a win this week at Notre Dame. Last game: Washington (W, 35-28)
  8. UCLA (1-3, 0-1) - They're not bad, but they're not that good. There were some signs of life in their loss to Fresno State, Last game: Fresno State (L, 36-31) Next game: vs. Washington State
  9. Washington (0-4, 0-2) - They lost Jake Locker in a loss to Stanford, which really sucks. Will they win a game before the Apple Cup? Last game: vs. Stanford (L, 35-28) Next game: at Arizona.
  10. Washington State (1-4, 0-2) - There aren't any more Portland State's on the schedule... will they win a game before the Apple Cup? Last game: vs. Oregon (L, 63-14) Next game: at UCLA

There you have it, folks. Comments, suggestions, or your own attempt at ranking the conference are welcome in the comments.

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