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"Trojans Can’t Pass the Quizz": Oregon State 27, #1 USC 21

(props to GustyJ on the headline)

Jacquizz freaking Rodgers.



There's so many things that could be said right now...

Honestly, never in my wildest dreams did I think a freshman could make the USC defense look silly. The man is just incredible. He finds the end zone. And if you unsnap his helmet, he'll still try to get in.

From the beginning, things went our way. The opening kickoff was fantastic. We forced them to go three and out. Twice. On their first two possessions!

There's so much to say right now that I don't even know what to say. My voice is absolutely gone-- the atmosphere at Reser was fantastic. Thank goodness I can still type. 

All your post-game chatter can go here. Thanks to everyone who participated in the comment thread. I'm glad we gave ya'll a show. 

Is it fair to say that everyone in the nation has met Quizz? What a national debut for him. 

Mrs. Rodgers, we can't thank you enough. You've produced some great young men.

Have a good night, everyone. More in the morning.