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Pac 10 Week 4 Preview

Well the Beavs got a week off to prepare for USC. There are only 6 games this week, so at least we can't lose 7 right?!

Arizona @ UCLA

So a couple teams coming off pathetic loses and looking for redemption. UCLA looked good against Tennessee, but went off the deep end against BYU. Look for more of the same against UA. Arizona 42-7 UCLA.

Boise State @ #17/#12 Oregon

What is UO's ranking for real? I'd put them higher than 17 but not quite 12. That's neither here nor there. UO escaped West Lafayette with a win, and will be looking to lay the wood to BSU. Boise State comes in looking for a little respect- they have never beaten a Pac 10 team on the road. Ian Johnson will run for 125 yards, but Boise State will lose. Oregon 34-17 Boise State.

Portland State @ Washington State

Could be one of the worst games in Pullman all year. Losing to a D1-AA team at home is unacceptable, and I worry for the Cougs. However, that being said, I think WSU will show up and be primed to win their only game of the year. WSU 20-13 Portland State

#3 UGA @ Arizona State

Neither team had stellar performances last weekend, and both will want to bounce back. I originally thought Georgia would be running into a buzz saw, but only beating South Carolina by 7 and dropping a spot in the polls will leave the Dawgs with something to prove. I'm rooting for the Devils, but it's just not in the cards. UGA 31-21 ASU.

San Jose State @ Stanford

After beating us, Stanford has had two shitty games. Don't know if this one is going to be any different, although I don't think they are losing to SJSU for the 2nd time in 3 years. Stanford 24-7 San Jose State.

Obviously the eyes of the Pac 10 world will be on ASU-UGA, especially with SC getting a bye week to prepare for us (HA).