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Orange Out Reser: 09.25.08

As some of you may have heard, the student body of this fine institution is organizing an "Orange Out" for September 25th's 6:00pm nationally televised game against the USC Trojans. 

You may find it silly that the students would propose an orange out, because most Beaver fans wear orange to Reser Stadium each Saturday. However, although a large contingent of Beaver Nation does wear Orange, there is still a decent sized group of fans who opt for other colors- white, gray, black, etc. It is our goal to get this minority decked out in orange.

That being said, a friend and I decided to make shirts to commemorate this event. So far they've been a hit with the students, and if you remember the "Black Out" from the Arizona game last year, you may realize why.

Finaltfront_medium Finaltback_medium

If you like the shirts so much that you'd like to buy one, leave a comment in the thread below saying so. 

Please understand that this is not an attempt to sell these shirts. The spirt of this post was to inform adult Beaver fans who may not be in touch with what's going on on campus that we are organizing an Orange Out and encourage all you to participate! GO BEAVS!