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Building the Dam Pick 'em, Week 3: Don't Forget!

Fellow sports fans:

We're heading into weekend number three of college football, which means it's time to submit your picks for Week 3 of the Building the Dam Pick 'em contest.

If you've already registered and played in Week 1 or Week 2: Awesome. Head over the pool page (by clicking this link), log-in, and make your selections. Remember to award confidence points to each one of your selections-- that's important. If you've already made your selections for this week, you're golden.

If you haven't registered or played in prior weeks: We want you to join! It's not too late, although you'll have some catching up to do. You can join the Building the Dam poll by heading to this page, and then you can make your selections after you join. 

The current standings can be found after the break.