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Under the Hood: Hawaii at OSU

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Yes, we're two games into the season, and yes, the sample size is small, but here we go with a a statistical analysis of Saturday's game:





@ Florida (L, 56-10) @ Stanford (L, 36-28)
vs. Weber St. (W, 36-17) @ Penn State (L, 45-14)

Hawaii Margin of Victory: -13.5

Oregon State Margin of Victory: -19.5


Hawaii's Opponents have a combined record of: 3-1

Oregon State's Opponents have a combined record of: 3-1

Hawaii has a Sagarin rating of: 70.6

Oregon State has a Sagarin rating of: 75.0

Now, on to bigger and better stats....


Rush YPG 96.5 89.0
Rush YPC 3.33 2.97
Rush TD 2 2
Pass YPG 243 377
Pass YPA 6.7 7.3
Pass TD 4 3
Total O 339.5 416.9
Scoring O 23.0 21.0



Rush YPG 117.5 224.5
Rush YPC 3.67 5.22
Rush TD 5 6
Pass YPG 192 377.5
Pass YPA 7.11 6.96
Pass TD 2 3
Total O 309.5 377.5
Scoring O 36.5 40.5

What does this tell us? If it told me anything, it's that our defense needs to improve. Time doesn't allow for me to drop very much knowledge here, so feel free to do so in the comment thread and I'll join ya'll there.

All stats via CFB Stats