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CV3000 to Miller: Your "FEET" Stink!

"I'm sorry, Ted. It's not that I wish to subject you to ridicule for your opinions, I just look at it more as a learning opportunity for someone who lives in Scottsdale to get a closer look at the Beavers. I'm talking about what we'll agree to call your 'reasons' for ranking OSU 6th in the conference."

--ESPN's Ted Miller quoting CV3000 [Miller didn't attribute it, but...obviously, how could it not be CV3000?--ed.] in Beavers want a perception promotion

Miller then went on to say:

Now, my opinion wasn't completely cracked. This week's media poll also ranked the Beavers sixth. ...

The larger issue here, though, is a phenomenon called "Fan Expectation and Emotional Transformation." Or FEET.

It may well be the case that the rest of the Pac-10 media were equally misguided. HOWEVER, if I didn't include these quotes, then how would I have taken advantage of the opportunity for such an excellent headline?? See what I mean?


While Miller continues his hardline, anti-Beaver stance by even suggesting the unlikely possibility that the Beaver's may not make a bowl game, it appears his list of "reasons" is shrinking.

If Miller's right--and the Beavers finish in 6th this year--CV3000 will be sporting a Benny the Beaver tattoo on his left butt cheek. And Ted may post photos of it on his blog. We'll consider a hearty approbation and lengthy article recounting Beaver greatness following the 2008 season as a fair trade.

But, none of that is the main point of this post. Today, we're here to talk about Miller's Pac-10 Coaching Rankings and how they might benefit from being examined in the context of relevant, out of context statistic.

Here is an interesting chart from a article (edited for EMphaSIS and clarity):

--Revolving Door--

Three Pac-10 coaches, including Rick Neuheisel, are on their second stints in the league. Dennis Erickson is on his third. Most current Pac-10 coaches have faced each other in previous stops. Here is each Pac-10 coach's career record against the other nine currently in the league:

Coach Career vs. Current Pac10 Coaches winning %
1 Pete Carroll, USC
26-7 .788
2 Rick Neuheisel, UCLA 11-4
3 Mike Riley, OSU
18-11 .621
4 Dennis Erickson, Arizona State 10-11
5 Jeff Tedford, California
6 Jim Harbaugh, Stanford
7 Mike Bellotti, 5th Place u.
8 Tyrone Willingham, Washington 11-23
9 Mike Stoops, Arizona 5-16
10 *Paul Wulff, Washington State
0-0 (*lost to Erickson while coach of 1-aa team)


What do you think?