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OSU Decides on Right Tackle!

It's YouTube Wednesday, folks.

After a comprehensive search that included the likes of WILDER McANDREWS, MIKE REMMERS, BtD's CV3000, and UNA SMILEY -- Coach Cavanaugh has finally settled on a right tackle:

Yep, it's left tackle Andy Levitre!

Okay, okay. We tricked you. While we're not ruling out the possibility that the 6-3, 317 pound senior could play both right and left tackle simultaneously, he played both last season at different times, and did an All-Conference job of it.  We expect him to hold it down when he returns to right tackle for the ASU game on Nov. 1st--the 2nd ORANGE OUT of the season. 


Wilder, Mike, Una and CV3000... watch that video again and take some notes!